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    Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy leads from Leadsy.co?

Simple – just contact us with the types of leads you’re trying to purchase. Are you looking for specific titles in specific industries? Do you have your own list of companies you would like us to get you certain titles for? Just reach out.

What is the minimum & maximum amount of leads I can buy?

Or minimum amount is 1,000 leads. Our maximum amount is… Well, the size of our database – over 230 million contacts!

Do we sell leads “Wholesale” or can someone resell our leads?

Sure, as long as you have that agreement in place with us before purchasing the leads. We typically make these types of deals with advertising agencies, other lead companies, or any company that is in the business of selling of leads.

What can we do with the leads once purchased?

Typically, a marketing department would purchase leads and send cold emails to them or provide the leads to a call center, but there are MANY other things you can do with the leads to try and turn them into customers. We first recommend you work with our sister company – ThunkTank which is a digital agency that provides all types of programs to turn our leads into customers such as – cold email strategy & execution, uploading of lists to social to be able to target these leads, re-marketing programs after the leads visit your digital properties & much more.

Do you execute cold outreach programs for clients?

No, but our sister company ThunkTank provides this for their clients. They have a great success rate of over 50% open rates and significant deals resulting from their cold email marketing programs they’ve created for clients.

Still have questions? Reach out anytime!