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    5 ways to reach & close new B2B business (with 50 free leads)

    January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016

5 ways to reach & close new B2B business (with 50 free leads)

Face facts, no one likes the hard sell. The cold leads you plan on reaching out to don’t know you & probably never heard of you. On top of that, your targets are hit up daily with that hard sell from the inexperienced marketing & sales people with cold emails, LinkedIn Inmails, and other random contact methods. Never fear, you can still get in with some of the below marketing tactics.

That’s why your outreach to them should most likely include one of the following: a free offer, a very high value offer such as a drastic discount, or free advice to get some dialogue started (depending on your product or service).

  1. Gather or purchase leads that directly fit your target audience
  2. Utilize leads to connect on LinkedIn before cold emailing
  3. Cold email with a short, but highly valuable asset or offer.
  4. Upload the list of leads into your social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) and run contextual ads to these leads.
    Typically works better if you segment them by industry and provide industry based offers for your product/service
  5. Set up advertising on LinkedIn if you your selling to businesses & Facebook if your selling consumer.

In any of the scenario’s above, your approach should be well rounded – meaning, along with the above, you should also; set up re-marketing on Google & Facebook as well as some front-end advertising on Google, Linkedin & FB. Why? well where do most employees go after writing an email to the boss? Social Media!

We’ll go into detail later on the above specifics of the mentioned tactics. Don’t be afraid to take that first step into trying these tactics & be sure to get your 50 free leads from us to help you start!

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